Google Shopping ads are an important channel for many SME retailers. Unlike search ads, Google Shopping ads don’t allow you to actively target keywords where you’d like to serve ads. However, there are a number of tricks that can maximise your chances of serving your paid search ad when users search for important terms for your business.

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Firstly, what are Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping ads are feed based. Advertisers upload product information via a feed (or API connector to your ecommerce platform) and serve ads in the shopping listings on Google, when users…

The Google Shopping tab has become the ‘go to’ place for users looking to buy and research products. In April 2020 alone, Google Shopping orders grew by 113% YoY.

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The shopping tab is a key area that Google is planning to grow over the next few years, aiming to make it easier for consumers to compare products and checkout, without ever needing to leave the Google browser.

With more people shopping online, Google Shopping is becoming more important for retailers, not just for B2C retailers, but B2B also.

As more businesses turn to Google to buy supplies, business-to-business Google Shopping strategy will become more and more important. …

Advertisers often spend lots of time pulling together their ad copy for their Google Ads campaigns. With so much focus on phrasing the ad correctly (and within the small character lengths Google provides), Google Ad Extensions are usually an afterthought — and this can be a big trick missed.

Google Ad Extensions can provide important additional information about your business to potential customers, help your ad standout, and drive increased clicks. In this article, we’ll look at what ad extensions are, how they can save you money, and which ones retailers should be using to drive more sales.

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What are Google Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions allow you to include additional information in your text ads on Google. Serving alongside the ad copy they display info including; store locations, brands stocked, promotional information, prices, and seller ratings. …

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The world’s largest e-commerce brand announces plans to launch in Sweden. Currently, the sales giant does not have a presence in any of the Nordic countries.

Swedish customers have had to rely on if they wanted to buy from the site. This meant orders were being shipped and fulfilled from Germany and carried a high delivery charge for customers.

“Amazon has been available to Swedish consumers and companies through our various European websites for years but the next step is to introduce a complete retail offering in Sweden and that is what we…

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Trustpilot and other customer review platforms are important for SME businesses to display the quality and reputability of their service. Often businesses include these ratings across their print and digital marketing materials.

Thankfully, Google recognise this, and have partnered with reputable customer review platforms, including Trustpilot & eKomi, to show seller ratings in the search ads. The full list of sources can be found in this link.

How do I add my Trustpilot rating?

The Google Seller Rating pulls your rating from Trustpilot (and any other partners) automatically providing the below conditions are met:

  • The domain you are driving your Google Ads activity to matches the domain which has the rating
  • You have 100+ ratings in the last 12 months
  • Your average rating is 3.5+ starts out of 5.

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Microsoft Ads recently announced they will be launching Microsoft Shopping in a further 7 countries, taking the total number of markets to 14: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & US.

This is a great announcement for any SME retailers in Europe looking to increase their paid search activity online.

What is Microsoft Shopping?

In short, it is Microsoft’s version of Google Shopping.

Similar to Google, Advertisers upload their products, via a feed, into the Microsoft Merchant Center. Based on product relevance (tiles & descriptions) and bid —…

Google set to make it easier for sellers on Shopee to get online with Google Shopping Ads in South East Asia.

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There was a great article in The Drum a few days ago reporting a partnership between Google and Asian based ecommerce marketplace, Shopee.

Due to the online Shopping boom currently taking place in South East Asia, driven by the COVID pandemic, Google is partnering with Shopee and allowing retailers selling on the platform to launch Google Shopping activity — directly from the Shopee Brand Suite. …

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Microsoft Digital Marketing Center is a free campaign management tool designed to help SME businesses manage paid and organic campaigns in one place. The tool will work across, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The news was announced recently in Search Engine Land.

Many will be familiar with tools Search Ads 360 and Kenshoo, but often this automation comes at a premium. So Microsoft’s free tool is one to keep in mind for small businesses.

It’s currently in Beta in the US, but will likely make it to the UK soon.

What are…

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Shops in England opened on the 15 June, and on 29 June in Scotland, after being shut since 23 March. There was an initial surge, and festival like queues in the early hours outside shops, as shoppers wanted to feel the novelty of shopping in-store again.

It remains to be seen how lockdown changed people’s shopping habits in the long term. But, more people were shopping online, and rarely a day went by without seeing a meme about buying unnecessary items from Amazon.

The government has announced that shops can re-open in June. If your…

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Google Ads can be an expensive marketing channel for many retailers. We take a look at some potential free opportunities your business could start taking advantage of.

There was a great article published in the Search Engine Journal this week regarding updates to the Google Shopping free listings to include placements on the Google Search results tab.

This article got us thinking. What are the free opportunities SMEs should be taking advantage of on Google Ads? And also, great for shoppers and advertisers, but why is Google increasing the prominence of free shopping listings?


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